Dare We Be Dragons?

My third picture book – Dare We Be Dragons? – is published by Farshore and is available wherever books are sold. This story is inspired by the power of imagination, story and fantasy, and the ability of children in particular to get swept away by the excitement of pcreative play. Set across a single day, it follows a father and his daughter as they embark on an awesome adventure together.

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Who knows where we’ll go…

Or what we might see…

What on earth will we find?

Oh, what might we be?

A powerful and poetic imaginative adventure from the creator of Alone, shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize!

Welcome to a world where tree trunks become giants’ legs, a playground swing becomes a space rocket, a grassy hill becomes a towering volcano…

Even the most ordinary, everyday objects are gateways to wild and wonderful worlds in this joyful, rhyming adventure story – the perfect book to inspire imaginative play!

From the creator Alone, shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2022!

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9781843655275
Number of pages: 40
Weight: 210 g
Dimensions: 280 x 220 x 3 mm


My second picture book – Alone! – is published by Pavilion Books and is available wherever books are sold. Alone! is a story about both friendship and solitude, with a cast of animals and humans that learn to live with one another. This was so much fun to work on and I’m proud to be releasing it into the world at last. Thanks as always to the wonderful team at Pavilion - and grab your copy today from your favourite book seller. When I was writing Alone! I had no idea that just around the corner was a global pandemic that would give this story about a little boy's wish to be alone an extra layer of meaning. I've seen first-hand the strange and unpredictable effects that living a socially distanced life can have on children, and while they are resilient and adaptable in ways that us grown-ups often aren't, they thrive on social interactions and family connections. I really hope that in this covid-defined era, where many of us are forced to spend a lot of time alone (or alone-together) my story might help some parents open up conversations with their kids about friendship, personal space and being open to new experiences.

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There once was a boy called Billy McGill
who lived by himself at the top of a hill.
He spent every day in his house all alone
for Billy McGill liked to be on his own.

But life doesn’t always turn out how you plan it…

One day Billy hears the squeak of a mouse – destroying his perfectly peaceful existence. So he gets a cat to catch the mouse. But the cat and the mouse make friends. So he gets a dog to chase the cat. But they all play together too. So then he gets a bear… then a tiger… and on it goes, until Billy’s house is so filled with characters that he has to move out. Will he find that he still craves peace and quiet, or is it actually quite lovely to have company and friends?

The brilliant second book from Barry Falls is a laugh-out-loud tale of growing chaos, with a lovely message about how it’s good to have friends.

Publisher: Pavilion Books
ISBN: 9781843654674
Number of pages: 40
Dimensions: 280 x 220 mm

It's Your World Now!

My first picture book – It's Your World Now! – is published by Pavilion Books and is available pretty much worldwide. I'm so so excited and grateful to get the opportunity to bring this book out, it's been a real labour of love and I'm thrilled with how it has turned out. Thanks to all the guys at Pavilion for being so wonderful at what they do...

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From pavilionbooks.com:

So go and play and live and learn.

It’s your world now, this is your turn

to think and ask and make and do.

The world is magic, just like you!

A beautiful and funny celebration of the world and the potential of each and every child. This is the perfect book to read out loud – helping children to appreciate the wonderful things that exist in the world, and the great things that they can do, as well as allowing them to understand some of the setbacks that may happen. And whatever happens, the child is reassured that their parents will always love them.

Barry Falls’ debut picture book is a brilliantly-illustrated, funny and thought-provoking celebration of where you might go and what you might do in life.